Walter Adolf Wolff

Poland, Schlesien, Brockau (Breslau)
Germany, Weimar, Buchenwald concentration camp
FatherSalomon Wolff (29/04/1868 – ) 
MotherRosa Nothmann (30/12/1873 – 28/03/1930) 
Partner Inge-Luise Boehm (05/02/1914 – )

Married 04/07/1936 Germany, Berlin, Schoeneberg


Divorced 28/10/1942.


His death certificate, written long after the event, places his birth in Brockau, Vogtland. I believe this is an error, as his father is listed in the Breslau synagogue community address list (ca 1930) in Brockau (Breslau). This is confirmed by his 1936 marriage certifcate, which gives his place of birth as "Brockau, Kreis Breslau".

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