Bernhard Hadra

Poland, Schlesien, Tost
USA, New York, New York City
FatherMax Hadra (1841 – 30/12/1886) 
MotherTherese Aschmann (ca 1840 – ) 
Partner Ernestine Staub (09/01/1871 – 13/12/1947)

Married 23/02/1891 Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz


MT; certificate no. 21/1891.


Max Hadra (08/01/1892 – 23/02/1986)

Hertha Hadra (16/05/1893 – 07/12/1988)

Ilse Hadra (12/12/1894 – .../11/1968)

Herbert Hermann Hadra (14/02/1903 – .../04/1979)


A Bernard Hadra of Gross Strehlitz reported the death of his father Max, son of Bernhard, in 1886. I assume this is the same Bernhard Hadra as the one whose first son, born in Gross Strehlitz a few years later, was named Max.

According to MT, Bernhard and Ernestine emigrated to the USA in October 1938. However, they are listed with Hertha and Ilse in the 1939 census of Berlin at Martin-Luther-Strasse 83. A passenger list shows that Bernhard, Ernestine, Hertha and Ilse emigrated to the USA in 1940, staying initially with Max who had settled in New York City earlier.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

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