Otto Simon Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Germany, Neusustrum V camp
? FatherHerrmann Czwiklitzer (29/05/1867 – ) 
? MotherHedwig Rosenbaum (21/12/1868 – 24/03/1943) 
Partner Anneliese Decker (16/03/1916 – ca 1943)


Yad Vashem name search - Czwicklitzer, Tama


Tama Czwiklitzer (28/05/1940 – ca 1943)


His father is named as Hermann Czwicklitzer. The paternal link I show here is speculative, based only on Hermann being of similar age to Otto's mother and a lack of contrary information. It may be significant that Otto's second name, Simon, was the name of Hermann's father.

The Yad Vashem testimonial written by his sister-in-law relates to an Otto Czwiklitzer who lived in Breslau and was deported on 03/10/1942.

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