Otto Simon Czwiklitzer

Poland, Schlesien, Breslau
Germany, Neusustrum V camp
? FatherHerrmann Czwiklitzer (29/05/1867 – ) 
? Mother 
Partner Anneliese Decker (16/03/1916 – ca 1943)


Yad Vashem name search - Czwicklitzer, Tama


Tama Czwiklitzer (28/05/1940 – ca 1943)


His father is named as Hermann Czwicklitzer. The paternal link I show here is speculative, based only on Hermann being of similar age to Otto's mother and a lack of contrary information. It may be significant that Otto's second name, Simon, was the name of Hermann's father.

In ca 1930 Otto lived in and at Hoefchenstrasse 99 with his widowed mother, Hedwig Czwiklitzer geb. Rosenbaum born 21/12/1868.

The Yad Vashem testimonial written by his sister-in-law relates to an Otto Czwiklitzer who lived in Breslau and was deported on 03/10/1942.

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