Simon Berger

Poland, Schlesien, Ratibor
Czech Republic, Theresienstadt concentration camp
FatherAdolf (Adam) Berger (06/11/1834 – ) 
MotherHenriette Froehlich (09/06/1836 – 13/01/1916) 


Simon was transported from Oppeln to Theresienstadt concentration camp (prisoner number 113) on 04/12/1942 where he died on 13/03/1943.

Consecutive prisoner numbers on the same transport were allocated to Betty Berger born 03/09/1887 (prisoner number 114) and Henny Berger born 14/05/1930 (prisoner number 115). Betty and Henny also had consecutive prisoner numbers on the transport to Auschwitz concentration camp on 09/10/1944.

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