Salomon Berger

? FatherAbraham Berger (ca 1780 – ) 
? MotherRosalie (ca 1780 – ) 
Partner Friederike Spitzer (1812-13 – )

Married 14/02/1834



Adolf (Adam) Berger (06/11/1834 – )

Samuel Berger (01/05/1836 – 10/07/1836)

Samuel Berger (15/07/1837 – 1836-07-10)

Loebel Berger (06/05/1840 – 30/11/1843)

Eva Berger (1842-43 – )

Simon Berger (28/05/1842 – )

Heimann Berger (15/10/1844 – )

Partner Ernestine Krakauer (ca 1815 – )


The Pless record notes that the family had documents signed by the magistrate in Tost on 22/07/1835 giving Salomon and Fridericke's ages as 27 and 22 years respectively (so born in 1807-08 and 1812-13); that the family moved from Pless to Sohrau in 1845; and that the family was at "Warsthowitz" (Warshowitz, 4km south of Sohrau) when the Pless record was compiled.

The fact that the Pless record notes the death of Samuel on 10/07/1836 suggests that the family had arrived in Pless by this date. The move from Tost must therefore have been between July 1835 and July 1836.

Solomon's second marriage (to Ernestine geb. Krakauer) may be a conflation of two different men with the same name, both living in Sohrau in the latter 1840s. JRI-Poland cites a record from Sohrau of the marriage in February 1872 of Eva Berger aged 29, daughter of Solomon Berger and Ernestine geb. Krakauer. Given her age at her marriage, Eva must have been born February 1842 to February 1843. This date of birth puts Eva within the scope of the Pless records which list the children of Salomon and Friedrike geb. Spitzer; these records include children born from 1834 to 1844 as well as a move to Sohrau in 1845, yet they do not mention Eva or Ernestine. With Simon being born in April 1842 Eva was probably his twin (or else conceived immediately after his birth and born premature), so her omission is all the more extraordinary. While Ernestine's absence from the Pless record could be explained by her not marrying Salomon untill after the move to Sohrau (and so being Eva's step-mother rather than her biological mother), Eva's absence from the Pelss record leads me to suspect that the husbands of Friederike and Ernestine were not the same person.

Jan Delowicz, in his study of the Jewish community of Sohrau, identifies Abraham Berger and Rosalie (maiden name not given) as the parents of a Salomon Berger who married Ernestine geb. Krakauer, but does not mention Friederike or any of the children listed in the Pless family record. Of itself this does not exclude a previous marriage or previous children as Delowicz's research may have been focussed on records from Sohrau; however, although absence of evidence is not evidence of absence, it is noteworthy that neither the Pless record nor the records cited by Delowicz provide any evidence to equate Friederike's and Ernestine's husbands.

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