Gertrud Prager

Germany, Greifswald
FatherAdolf Prager (02/12/1832 – 06/07/1904) 
MotherFrieda Eisner (1855-56 – 20/02/1919) 
Partner Ludwig Nathan Kurnik (08/04/1881 – )

Married 02/07/1910 Germany, Berlin



Records of annulment of German nationality show Ludwig Kurnik living in Berlin with Else geb. Goldschmidt born in Thorn in 1895 with children Charlotte born in Stettin in 1911, and a Hans Gunther born there in 1924. What became of Getrud is not known. See also

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Fred Halbers collection: genealogical notes; - details of her birth.

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