Gertrud Prager

Germany, Greifswald
FatherAdolf Prager (02/12/1832 – 06/07/1904) 
MotherFrieda Eisner (1855-56 – 20/02/1919) 
Partner Ludwig Nathan Kurnik (08/04/1881 – )

Married 02/07/1910 Germany, Berlin



Lotte Kurnik (21/06/1911 – )


Records of annulment of German nationality show Ludwig Kurnik living in Berlin with Else geb. Goldschmidt born in Thorn in 1895 with children Charlotte born in Stettin in 1911, and a Hans Gunther born there in 1924. What became of Getrud is not known. See also

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Fred Halbers collection: genealogical notes; - details of her birth.

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