Recha Juliusburger

Poland, Schlesien, Kattowitz
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
FatherAdolf Jacob Juliusburger (10/06/1860 – 06/04/1943) 
MotherEva Koeppler (19/09/1859 – 07/02/1924) 
Partner Emil Gruenpeter (08/08/1874 – 18/01/1938)


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Hanni Gruenpeter (03/08/1918 – )

Naomi Gruenpeter (ca 1920 – )


Lived in Breslau at Antonienstrasse 5 in ca 1930.

Two Yad Vashem testimonials, written by her daughter Naomi, give her date of birth as 24/09/1888 in Gleiwitz; they give her address in Breslau as both as Antonienstrasse 5 and Goethestrasse 16.The Breslau synagogue address list records her at Antonienstrasse 5 with a date of birth of 24/09/1887. An achive record in Yad Vashem also gives her date of birth as 24/09/1887 but places her birth in Kattowitz.

Sources (click here for generic source information), - testimonials giving her date of birth and naming both parents; - archive record placing her birth in Kattowitz. - address in ca 1930 and date of birth.

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