Ernst Friedrich (Fritz) Haase

Poland, Schlesien, Rybnik
Diedca 1980
Chile, Santiago de Chile
FatherFelix Haase (21/02/1880 – 07/11/1946) 
MotherSara (Sonia) Simoni (13/03/1879 – ) 
Partner Ursula Blueth (23/10/1915 – 30/01/)



Although formally named as "Ernst Friedrich", his daughter says that everybody knew him as "Fritz"; his father refers to him as Fritz throughout his description of his brother's murder.

Sonia with Ernst (Fritz) in 1905
Ernst (Fritz) and Rudolf Haase
Charlotte, Ernst and Rudolf


Lederfabrik F. Haase 1766-1916. Gedenkschrift zum 150Jährigen Bestehen der Lederfabrik F. Haase in Rybnik E.Zivier, 1916;
His father's obituary in Aufbau (1946); (google cache) - place of birth;
Photo of Charlotte, Ernst and Rudolf:;
Other photos: Haase family collection; - place of death (confirmed by his children).

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