Ernst Friedrich (Fritz) Haase

Poland, Schlesien, Rybnik
Diedca 1980
Chile, Santiago de Chile
FatherFelix Haase (21/02/1880 – 07/11/1946) 
MotherSara (Sonia) Simoni (13/03/1879 – ) 
Partner Ursula Blueth (23/10/1915 – 30/01/)



Although formally named as "Ernst Friedrich", his daughter says that everybody knew him as "Fritz"; his father refers to him as Fritz throughout his description of his brother's murder.

Sources (click here for generic source information)

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His father's obituary in Aufbau (1946); (google cache) - place of birth;
Photo of Charlotte, Ernst and Rudolf:;
Other photos: Haase family collection; - place of death (confirmed by his children).

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