Peter Fritz Theodor Benjamin Wienskowitz

Germany, Berlin
Germany, Weimar, Buchenwald concentration camp
? FatherFritz Moritz Wienskowitz (19/03/1873 – ca 1943) 
? MotherKaethe Gimpel (18/07/1887 – ca 1943) 


Peter and Denny were living with Fritz and Kaethe at the time of the 1939 census and are assumed to be among their children.

Peter was living in Neuendorf über Fuerstenwalde. He was deported from Berlin to Auschwitz concentration camp on 19/04/1943, and from there to Buchenwald concentration camp on 26/01/1945 where he is assumed to have died.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - Peter's deportation from Neuendorf über Fuerstenwalde; - Peter's deportation and death in Buchenwald concentration camp.

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