Friedrich Wienskowitz

Germany, Loebau
Poland, Auschwitz concentration camp
? FatherOscar Wienskowitz (24/04/1858 – 19/03/1941) 
? MotherDorothea (Dora) Schaeffer (07/09/1867 – 08/02/1940) 
Partner Ruth Doris Friedmann (1901/02/09 – ca 1944)


Heinz Rudolf Wienskowitz (25/05/1925 – 24/03/1943)

Ida Renate Wienskowitz (21/03/1933 – ca 1944)


Doctor of Law.

His date and place of birth make him a likely brother of Charlotte.

In the 1939 census he is recorded in Dresden at Prellerstr. 14, an address he shared with
- Ruth Doris Wienskowitz geb. Friedmann born on 09/02/1901 in Breslau;
- Ida Renate Wienskowitz born on 21/03/1933 in Dresden.

Friedrich and Ruth were deported with Ina from Dresden to Theresienstadt concentration camp on 22/09/1942 and thence to Auschwitz concentration camp on 06/04/1944.

Another source gives the same birthday for Friedrich but places his birth in 1877, and his transfer from Theresienstadt concentration camp to Auschwitz concentration camp on 28/09/1944.

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