Gerda Lina Nothmann

Germany, Berlin
USA, Illinois, Chicago
FatherMax Nothmann (04/08/1885 – ca 1943) 
MotherAdele Ginsberg (13/05/1903 – ca 1943) 


At the time of the 1939 census Max and Adele were living in Berlin at Aschaffenburger Strasse 26, along with their daughters Gerda and Vera.

Gerda and Vera were sent by their parents to the Netherlands to try to evade the Nazis.

Max and Adele were deported from Berlin to Auschwitz concentration camp on 02/03/1943; Vera also perished in the Holocaust. Gerda alone survived.

Sources (click here for generic source information) - relationship to her parents; - 1939 census; - precis of Gerda's Story: Memoirs of a Holocaust Survivor by Gerda Nothmann Luner; - death;
With thanks to EL for his help with researching this person.

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