Alice Beatrice Licht

Partner Walter Jacques Brenner (10/06/1908 – 13/03/1992)

Married 29/05/1947 USA, California, Los Angeles



Aged 30 years when she married in 1947 so born 1916-17.

Parents: Georg Licht and Kaete geb. Gundermann.

After surviving seven months in the Teresinstadt Ghetto, three months in Auschwitz-Birkenau, and seven more months at a Nazi forced labour camp called Christianstadt, the 29-year-old Alice Licht returned to her home city of Berlin, where she learned that her parents had been murdered in the camps, along with many other relatives and friends.


Walter and Alice are buried together at Khatsor Ashdod Cemetery, Gan Yavne, Central District, Israel. Their dates are taken from their grave stones.

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Biographical note taken from "I Migrated To The Country That Ethnically Cleansed My Ancestors" by Yermi Brenner, published in on 15/08/2019;
With thanks to EL for his help with researching this person.

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