Adolf (Abraham) Koplowitz

Poland, Schlesien, Tarnowitz
Diedca 1942
? FatherMoritz (Moses) Koplowitz (16/06/1836 – ) 
? MotherRosalie Metzner (1829-30 – ) 


Coffee shop owner.

Yad Vashem's testimonial gives his date and place of birth and names his parents as Moritz and Minna; it says he was married to Erna.

Another testimonial by the same author gives Minna's maiden name as Kohen (transliterated from the Hebrew); it also gives her date of birth as 15/07/1873.

I have tentatively equated Adolf's parents with a Moritz Koplowitz whose second wife was Minna Cohn; the date of birth from Minna's marriage certificate differs from that given in the testimonial, but both sources agree that Minna was considerably younger than Moritz.

If my identification of Moritz and Minna is correct, then Adolf's date of birth implies that Minna was actually his step-mother.

Sources - testimonial to Adolf; - testimonial to Minna.

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