Philipp (Pincus) Majud

Poland, Schlesien, Myslowitz
FatherWilhelm (Wolff) Majud (ca 1800 – ) 
MotherCharlotte Muenzer (1801-02 – 23/05/1878) 
Partner Emma Loewi (1829-30 – 24/06/1871)

Married 19/04/1853



Eugenie Clothilde Majud (14/08/1857 – 14/02/1858)

Rudolphine Franciska Majud (15/04/1859 – )

Wilhelm Emil Majud (13/06/1860 – )

Hugo Friedrich Majud (06/08/1861 – 28/02/1862)

Emil Majud (17/03/1864 – 18/09/1869)

Georg Friedrich Carl Majud (18/07/1866 – )

Adolph Majud (14/08/1869 – )


JRI-Poland has two records relating to a son of Wolf Majud and Charlotte geb. Muenzer born on 15/11/1828: the record of his marriage names him as Pincus, while the record of his family's arrival in Bitschin in 1844 names him Julius. It is possible that the records refer to twins, but this seems less likely than the possibilities that they refer to the same person by his Hebrew and vernacular names, or that one version of his name is a mis-transcription of the other.

Furthermore, JRI-Poland numerous records of children born to his bride, Emma Loewi and Philipp Majud.


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