Hans Peter Galliner

Germany, Berlin
Germany, Berlin
FatherMoritz Galliner (23/04/1884 – 28/12/1942) 
MotherHedwig Isaac (21/05/1893 – 02/01/1943) 


Lived in London in 1943.

Aka Peter Galliner.

"He worked for the Reuters agency in London from 1944 to 1947. He worked in the Foreign Service of the Financial Times from 1947 to 1960. The publisher Axel Springer brought him in 1960 in Berlin, where he was appointed Chairman of the Board of Ullstein Verlag . In 1964 he returned to London, where from 1965 he served as Vice President and Management Director of the British Printing Corporation Publishing Group until 1970. From 1970 to 1975 he was an international publishing consultant. He has served as Chairman of Peter Galliner Associates in London since 1970.

He was appointed to the International Press Institute in 1975 and served as director until 1993, earning international acclaim for defending the freedom of the press. With the company International Encounter he organized in the following years international conferences on questions of the press media in the context of democracy and the associated conflicts in social and ethnic problems.

Galliner was a founding member of the European Journalism Fellowships at the Free University of Berlin and a regular participant in the Bergedorf Round Table of the Körber Foundation . He also supported " placet - Plastic Surgery Center for Terror Victims " in Berlin."

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