Pszczyna (Pless) Gravestones

During a visit to Pszczyna Jewish Cemetery in July 2011 I photographed many - but far from all - of the gravestones.
Where stones belong to people on my family trees, their names are shown as links to their pages.

photosAuguste Schlesinger geb. Schindler, b. 03/07/1863, d. 11/02/1918, Hebrew name: Gitel, father: YHZKL, notes: our parents
photosSalo Schlesinger, b. 18/06/1868, d. 10/10/1918, Hebrew name: Shlomo, father: Baruch, notes: our parents
photosHermann Silbiger, b. 01/12/1867, d. 29/09/1921, Hebrew name: Zvi, notes: Our father
photosRosalie Friedlaender, b. 11/12/1844, d. 26/04/1917, notes: Our aunt and sister-in-law
photosRosalie Karliner geb. Gruenpeter, b. 26/10/1880, d. 01/01/1922, notes: our mother and sister
photosAbraham Wolff, b. 11/06/1842, d. 10/04/1922, notes: My husband
photosSalo Schutz, b. 12/11/1860, d. 06/10/1923, Hebrew name: Shlom, father: Abraham
photosLouis Simon, b. 03/04/1856, d. 26/12/1924, notes: our parents
photosMartha Simon, b. 06/10/1870, d. 04/04/1929, notes: our parents
photosNathan Bartenstein, b. 15/05/1858, d. 29/03/1929, Hebrew name: Natan, notes: My husband, our father-in-law, grandfather and uncle
photosDorothea Posamentier geb. Adler, b. 18/05/1838, d. 18/02/1920
photosSelma Gruenpeter geb. Boehm, b. 17/--/1880 , notes: [Our] mother; dates indistinct
photosMartha Finke geb. Silberstein, b. 20/01/1880, d. 28/12/1921, notes: Mother, grandmother and sister
photosSusanna Reich geb. Schlesinger, b. 07/03/1844, d. 21/04/1922, notes: Our mother
photosHanne Rosenberg, b. 19/05/1894, d. 30/11/1915
photosMeyer Schaal
photosRegina Schaal
photosAuguste Friedlaender geb. Ziffer, d. 21/04/1916, Hebrew name: Gitel
photosAbraham Moritz Gittermann, b. 20/09/1851, d. 21/11/1912, Hebrew name: Abraham Moseh, father: Yakob, notes: Our father and grandfather
photosRosalie Gittermann geb. Koplowitz, b. 20/12/1854, d. 14/03/1912, Hebrew name: Liesel, father: Yakob, notes: My wife, our mother and grandmother
photosJakob Bobrek, b. 28/05/1842, d. 03/06/1915, Hebrew name: Yakob, father: SRN, notes: Our father, grandfather and brother
photosLaura Bobrek geb. Brauer, b. 21/05/1854, d. 04/11/1911
photosMarcus Lipner, notes: From Gory
photosJohanna Ziffer geb. Freund, b. 06/07/1831, d. 16/11/1911, Hebrew name: Chaye, father: Chaim, notes: Our mother
photosPauline Schindler geb. Koenigsfeld, b. 17/09/1836, d. 04/11/1909, Hebrew name: BLVM, father: Yitzhak, notes: Our mother
photosCharlotte Rosenbaum geb. Weiss, b. 30/08/1844, d. 13/08/1909, Hebrew name: Leah, notes: Our mother
photosLoebel Berger, b. 08/04/1888, d. --/01/1903, notes: Our husband and father; dates uncertain; stone 399
photosHenriette Katschinski geb. Gruenpeter, b. 10/05/1822 , notes: Our mother; date of death obscured
photosIsaak Gluecksmann, b. 25/07/1863, d. 15/02/1903, Hebrew name: Yitzhak, father: Yehuda, notes: Our father
photos-orel Steiner geb. Sachs, d. 20/07/1899, aged 37
photosChilus Mendelssohn, d. 27/10/1899, aged 75, notes: Age is indistinct
photosRosalie Graetzer, notes: Mother
photosLeo Goldstein, b. 12/01/1818, d. 13/11/1903, Hebrew name: Meyer, father: Kalonymus, notes: My husband, our father and grandfather
photosCharlotte Gruenthal geb. Danziger, b. 12/04/1829, d. 10/02/1905, Hebrew name: Sarah, father: Moshe
photosIsidor Koenigsfeld, b. 04/05/1864, d. 07/11/1912
photosHans Koenigsfeld, b. 01/03/1899, d. 22/11/1914, notes: My son; our brother
photosEduard Gluecksmann, d. 04/02/1913, Hebrew name: Abraham, father: Lieb, notes: My husband, our father and brother
photosZvi, Hebrew name: Zvi, father: Shmul, notes: Only the foundation stone remains
photosSophie Friedlaender geb. Friedlaender, b. 14/11/1853, d. 03/12/1908, father: Shlomo, notes: Our mother
photosGoldst(ein), father: Feitel , notes: Entirely in faded Hebrew
photosAdelheid Goldstein geb. Bobrek, b. 26/08/1840, d. 29/07/1907
photosFanny Gluecksmann geb. Tichauer, d. 18/10/1906, aged 35, Hebrew name: FYGL, father: Moshe, notes: Our wife, daughter and sister
photosLina Friedlaender geb. Bender, b. 06/01/1846, d. 03/11/1905, Hebrew name: LR, father: Israel, notes: Our mother
photosIsaak Friedlaender, b. 13/12/1844, d. ca 1905, notes: Our father
photosMax Stein, b. 28/12/1841, d. 03/07/1900, Hebrew name: Moshe, father: Shmul, notes: Our husband and father
photos(unknown), notes: illegible
photosLouise Frey geb. Friedlaender, b. 01/01/1821, d. 19/03/1901, father: Mordaci, notes: Our mother and grandmother
photosHenriette Cohn geb. Schlesinger, b. 26/11/1839, d. 23/08/1901, notes: Our wife, mother and grandmother
photosJoseph Gruenpeter, d. 23/03/1902, aged 80, notes: My husband, our father and grandfather
photosErnestine Gruenpeter geb. Tichauer, d. 29/06/1903, aged 67, notes: Our mother and grandmother
photosRosel Caroliner, d. 04/04/1899, notes: From Krier
photosBabette Steiner geb. Sachs, b. 16/05/1823, d. 28/08/1901, Hebrew name: Bile, father: Simon, notes: Our mother and grandmother
photosAdolf Schultz, b. 20/09/1852, d. 25/08/1897, Hebrew name: Abraham
photosAbraham Silberstein, d. 21/04/1897, Hebrew name: Abraham, notes: Hebrew only; died 19 Nisan 5657
photosEva Simon geb. Frey, b. 18/09/1834, d. 23/02/1912, Hebrew name: Chanah, father: Moshe, notes: Our mother, grandmother and great-grandmother
photosSimon, notes: illegible
photosLotte Freund geb. Baendel, b. 24/12/1838, d. 25/12/1909, Hebrew name: Sarah, father: SHSVN, notes: Our mother, grandmother and sister
photosIsaak Richter, b. 18/07/1878, d. 04/06/1899, notes: my son, our brother
photosHenriette Simon geb. Timendorfer, b. 29/10/1832, d. 12/03/1899, Hebrew name: Gitel
photosHeinrich Simon, b. 30/06/1828, d. 12/10/1905, Hebrew name: Zvi, father: Menachem
photosCaroline Richter geb. Koenigsfeld, b. 24/03/1847, d. 24/11/1933, Hebrew name: KRYYGRL, father: Yitzhak, notes: Our mother
photosSalomom Richter, b. 14/04/1840, d. 28/02/1899, Hebrew name: Shlomo, father: Yitzhak, notes: Mourned by wife and children
photosLouis Finke, b. 20/11/1856, d. 06/04/1896, notes: Our [...and father.] Year of birth is indistinct
photosBabette Steiner geb. Wolff, b. 05/08/1829, d. 24/01/1897, Hebrew name: Bile, father: Yitzhak, notes: Our wife, mother and grandmother. Wife of Chaim.
photosChaim Steiner, d. 30/07/1908, father: Asher, notes: Headstone missing, date derived from the Hebrew: 2 Av 5668
photosHeymann Steiner, b. 09/12/1831, d. 30/07/1908, notes: Our father and grandfather. Stone in two pieces
photosFanny Steiner geb. Manneberg, b. 20/02/1810, d. 22/03/1897, Hebrew name: Frumet, notes: Our mother and grandmother
photosJettel Fink geb. Tichauer, b. 20/10/1844, d. 27/03/1897
photosFlora Stiller, b. 22/10/1877, d. 30/07/1892
photosMichael Friedlaender, b. 08/02/1857, d. 13/07/1893, Hebrew name: Michael, notes: Our husband and father
photosFriedericke Roth geb. Bandel, b. 04/04/1839, d. 06/04/1894, notes: Mourned by husband and children
photosCarl Brauer, b. 16/03/1860, d. 26/09/1898
photosJosef Krakauer, b. 28/02/18--, d. 24/03/1895, notes: Date of birth is indistinct
photosSophie Krakauer geb. Schiller, b. 08/11/18-8, d. 10/08/1885
photosFanny Brauer geb. Brauer, b. 11/11/1826, d. 13/08/1895, Hebrew name: Gitel, father: SVL, notes: Our wife, mother and grandmother
photosMoritz Brauer, b. 10/06/1826, d. 15/07/1910, Hebrew name: Moshe, father: Zvi, notes: Our father and grandfather
photosGusti Lipner, d. 15/12/1880
photosJacob Lipner, d. 19/12/1880
photosPesach Altsmann, d. 10/03/1867, Hebrew name: Pesach, father: YRMYZL, notes: Rabbi, son of a rabbi (Jeremias?)
photosPauline Sachs geb. Feige, b. 1787, d. 27/03/1881, Hebrew name: Pesel
photosHeinrich Friedlaender, b. 10/09/1836, d. 17/05/1917, Hebrew name: Zvi, father: Moshe, notes: Geh. Medizinalrat. Born in Ujest, died in Lublinitz
photosBertha Friedlaender geb. Schaefer, b. 27/08/1842, d. 14/03/1935, Hebrew name: BRT, notes: Wife of Zvi (Heinrich). Born in Myslowitz, died in Gleiwitz
photosJohanna Baer geb. Salomon, b. 10/01/1852, d. 13/04/1936, Hebrew name: Chanah, father: Pesach, notes: Daughter of a rabbi
photosAlwine Timendorfer geb. Kohn, b. 14/10/1847, d. 23/04/1920
photosHeinrich Samuel Timendorfer, b. 06/12/1839, d. 06/07/1910, Hebrew name: LCHNN Shmuel, father: Josef
photosMoritz Steiner, d. 22/03/1891, aged 66
photosAlbert Rosenbaum, d. 21/12/1889, aged 45
photosJohanna Freund geb. Wechselmann, d. 21/09/1889, aged 72
photosAbraham, b. 19/12/1805, d. 06/03/188-
photosElias Preiss, d. 30/04/1889, aged 63, Hebrew name: LYRN, notes: Our husband, father, father-in-law and grandfather
photosMarcus Simon, b. 03/09/1818, d. 26/01/1889
photosMargot Mathias, b. 1909, d. 12/--/1909